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So, uh, last night: WTF? moments from the Nats-Padres game

Despite a discouraging loss at the hands of the Friars of San Diego (more specifically, former Washington National and the only two-time Tommy John surgery survivor position player Xavier Nady), last night’s game was full of entertainment. Let’s have a GIF’ed up recap of some of the highlights.

First, the kid pulling out her tooth on LIVE TELEVISION:


Christ on a bike. Moving on…

Second, the rare pitcher-to-field switch, this one featuring a finely mulleted Andrew Cashner. Let’s have a look at Cashner’s outfield patrolling prowess!


Morse-esque with the range and grace out there. Inspiring.

My research on this phenomenon wasn’t exhaustive, but this sort of thing happens every so often, most recently in 2009, when Sean Marshall went all 1-to-7 on us.

But it doesn’t end there! More LF shenanigans ahoy, courtesy of Tommy Medica!


Fucking majestic. Ibañez-ian.

To be fair, Medica is a first baseman making the switch to the outfield, but for now, let’s just revel in the derpy glory.

Fingers out and pointed everyone…


Tooth pulling courtesy of Tom Block.

Screen grabs courtesy of yours truly via the MASN broadcast.




Keeping It Real (?): A Pictorial

There aren’t many angles that haven’t been thoroughly assessed and dissected regarding the Padres – Dodgers game last night, which saw the teams brawl after Zack Greinke plunked Carlos Quentin with a high and tight 3-2 fastball. Apparently, the fracas spilled over into the hallways of Petco Park post-game, and there were pics taken. One was of particular interest to me.

This one, taken with Dodgers’ Matt Kemp and Padres’ Clayton Richard mid-kerfuffle, makes me feel like they’re not fighting so much as harmonizing to a smoothed out Hall and Oates jam.

 Sarah  Greinke Smile

Sarah Greinke Smile

To wit:


Also related to the first pic – is it me, or does Richard bear a striking resemblance to Jackass alum Steve-O?

My name is Clayton  Richard and this is the Petco Punkout

My name is Clayton Richard and this is the Petco Punkout

Don’t try this at home or on the field, kids.