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Spreading the Non-HDIB? Word, Again

In case you missed it, I put fingers to keys for a couple of non-HDIB? destinations this past week…

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Had the pleasure of writing a little ditty for the guys at Baseball Press again this week. For this one, I questioned the fit of a Javier Vazquez signing for the Washington Nationals. We even get an appearance from one of my favourite players… MYSTERY PLAYER!

For my first article with Camden Depot, I discussed the cost and value of signing of Joe Saunders, and looked at other possibilities, should the Orioles not re-sign the Pride of Springfield, Pennsylvania Illinois Kentucky Massashusetts Virginia. Apologies in advance for the table formatting…
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May you have a pleasant baseball blog reading experience…


How Do I Natstown?

Not much to pass along here, other than a link to an article I wrote for Citizens of Natstown related to the possible resigning of Sean Burnett and a MYSTERY PLAYER.

MYSTERY PLAYER isn’t as cool as the weird gravity vortex thingie known as the MYSTERY SPOT out in Santa Cruz, CA, but he does prevent a vortex of suck from engulfing the Nats bullpen, so he’s got that going for him. That, and a cool nickname I gave him:

So if you like intrigue, LOOGYs, and the Nationals, head on over to Citizens of Natstown, yes?