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Kodak Moments, and the Words That Escape Them

The laws of physics wreak havoc upon a ballplayer, and their musculoskeletal systems. The forces generated to swing a bat, or throw a 90+ MPH fastball with the explosiveness needed to become an elite artisan of the craft are some of the many facets to this diamond of a game that are hard to not be in awe of.

A picture is worth a thousand words; well, sometimes.

Sometimes, a picture is worth a single, all-encompassing word, that defies and redefines cultural and linguistic boundaries alike. A powerful word, and one that is rarely spoken of, or with.

In Ross Detwiler, we have DERP, personified.

Derpitude, ignited.

For more derpy goodness, check out the fine gentleman purveyors of DERP that is the website Productive Outs. If that’s your thing.