How Do I Blogger Day? A HDIB? Field Trip (Part I)

We all like to get some recognition for our efforts, as lackadaisical or erratic as they might be at times. Whether it’s winning the Perfect Attendance Award in elementary school* or Player of the Year, it’s nice to win and get that pat on the back sometimes.

I was part of a fortunate group of folks who had just that hoisted upon them and their efforts as Nats bloggers, in the form of an invite to Blogger Day, courtesy of the Washington Nationals and their department of New Media/Communications and the interwebs embodiment of said department – Curly W Live.


While this blog has delved into other teams and baseball issues, in particular the medical aspects of the based balls, I have always kept a Nats slant to the majority of my posts here, as evidenced by the word cloud thingie you can see over on the right hand side; so with the criteria of being a Nats blog being loosely fulfilled, I decided to give it a shot and throw my name into the hat. While initially apprehensive about submitting my application, especially after my most recent Nats related pieces having painted a less than a rosy picture of some of the roster, I figured why the hell not.

So what all went down? Who was there? Who were the lucky few to have their permission slips signed to make this field trip?

Quite a few folks, some familiar faces and some new ones (to me, at least); here’s the flight manifest and their respective online and twitter presences – go bookmark and harass, yes? @BigBirdSports @nextyeardc @sodapop6548 @natitudeDC @nationals101 @jackobeam @fakeFP @sdingledine @cbsportsblog @michaelnatelli @NatsNation21 @TClippardsSpecs


…and while certain member of the Nats front office may not quite understand the joys of blogging:


…the day set up by the folks in New Media – Noah Frank, Chad Kurtz, as well as interns Rachael Augsotini and Joanne Norell – was chocka block with some great sessions and experiences.

So to channel my inner Charlie Slowes – where were we doing? what were we thinking? what were we watching? where were we going?

Part II will tell all….


*7 time winner, thank you very much Dad for making me go to school every day, pink eye and meningitis be damned

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