Finding Slaten

My love of all things Doug Slaten is fairly well documented here at HDIB? – between plenty of prose revolving around his career and being the proud owner of a game worn away grey #45 Nats jersey, it’s a reasonable thing to say that my fascination with the LOOGY is borderline creepy spirited.

Last I read or saw of my our intrepid portsider in December 2012, he had been released by the Pittsburgh Pirates after a 2012 season highlighted by a fantastic showing at AAA Indianapolis and was headed to the SK Wyverns of the Korea Baseball Organization.

While sad to see him not being picked up by a MLB organization, especially in light of the need of situational lefties for a number of teams, it was good to see Slaten find work so soon and for an internationally respected league. The move was a rational one and one that could have been parlayed into a MLB deal in 2014. With that in mind and with the 2013 seasons of all/many/most of the professional leagues in full swing, I went a-googlin’ for Mr. Slaten. My first stop was at the Wyverns site (English version) and was immediately inspired by this:

Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 4.47.51 PM

Aww yeah. Inspired by that little pep talk, I scrolled down to look for Slaten stats.




The end of the line for pitchers was Jyun Huk Huh, and no Slaten.

Off to, a great website for all of your Korean baseball needs. The top of the page that shows foreign players on Korean rosters gave me:

Doug Slaten


A link to his wiki page mentions (without any source or reference) that Slaten did not head to Korea to continue his baseball glories, this time in a starting role; instead, he stayed stateside due to the dreaded ‘personal reasons’.

While disheartened by the news and the lack of any source to his ‘personal reasons’ for not headed to the Wyverns, I hope that whatever may burden Slaten and prevent him from pitching is a temporary matter, and we find Doug toeing the rubber soon, for someone.

Godspeed, Doug, and let us know how you’re doing, yeah?


Doug  Slaten

Doug Slaten (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

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