Non-HDIB? Musings 3.0 – Going Global

Been a slow couple of weeks for me due to hitting the disabled list for a bit, but here’s what I’ve been up to as of late…

I wrote a 2013 World Baseball Conference preview post for Camden Depot on Australia; you can check it out here. It was the first article in a series that the Depot is doing in preparation for the upcoming WBC games, showcasing and reviewing each of the participating nations.

UPDATE: The entire series (as of Feb 15) is posted over at ESPN

For Baseball Press, I wrote a couple of articles again with a WBC feel to them, looking at the effect of WBC participation on MLB performance and injury potential for Team USA. Results for pitchers are here, and you can read about the WBC effect on hitters here.

…and for the Washington Nationals fan in your life, I contributed some material to the Citizens of Natstown Washington Baseball Annual e-book, available now on Amazon. My contributions include pieces on Bill Bray, Kurt Suzuki, and Zach Duke.

Thank you for your patronage, and may you have a pleasant baseball blog reading experience.

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