We Are Family…?

Mike Rizzo is up to his usual tricks illusions* again, this time doing his sleight of hand routine by scouting Javier Vazquez in Puerto Rico, then *poof* turning it into a Ross Ohlendorf minor league signing.

While beset by injuries the majority of his career, Ohlendorf has shown flashes of steadfast pitching when healthy; as such, he is a minimal risk, minimal reward type of signing that will more than likely get very acquainted with the sights and sounds of Syracuse for the 2013 season. Sadly, the last time Ross was healthy was in 2009, with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Since then, he has wandered the lonely bullpens and mounds of both the major league and AAA teams of Boston and San Diego, with unsavory results. For the young and weak of heart in the HDIB? audience, I have removed those statistics, and provide you the stats of Ohlendorf’s career, and career season (thanks Fangraphs!):

2009 Pirates 11 10 8.41 5.55 2.7 1.27 0.264 1.23 0.26 3.92 4.72 4.56 1.1
Total – – – 18 32 9.87 6.36 3.45 1.31 0.303 1.48 0.3 5.1 4.86 4.71 0.9

As we see, his best outings were with the Pirates.

The Pittsburgh Pirates.

The same team that the likes former and current Nationals pitchers Mike Gonzalez, Tom Gorzelanny, and Zach Duke plied their trade with, before landing in DC.

That’s a lot of former Pirates to stockpile, Mike Rizzo.

Coincidence… or trend?

When Rizzo signs former Pirate Jeff Karstens, we will have our answer. Until then, good luck getting the 1979 Pirates battle cry out of your head.

*if you don’t know what this is in reference to, watch this

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