The Ghost of Xaviers Past

I am an unabashed Xavier Nady fan – have been ever since I saw him manhandle the pitching staffs of many a college baseball team of northern California that came through to play his Cal Bears back in the day. Some of you might also remember my Nady love from this previous post.

Regardless of how your memory is jogged of my man crush on the Salinas Slugger, if there is Nady News, I am all over it, like Nady on a mid-thigh high, mid to upper 80’s fastball, with little to no movement from a right handed pitcher, preferably in a hitter’s count.

Well, my our good friend and newly minted Kansas City Royal is back in the news, once again to haunt the dreams of Washington Nationals fans.

If it wasn’t torture enough for Nats fans to bid him adieu after several lackluster, yet sporadically productive weeks as a National, only to see him end the year a World Series winner…



…the ZiPS Projections for 2013 have come out, and Nady once again returns to troll the hearts and minds of Nats fans:



Nadytude. It never dies.

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