Dismemberment and Festering in the District

So I’m not unsympathetic
I see why you left
There’s no one to know
There’s nothing to do
The city’s been dead
Since you’ve been gone

Now that the awards are all but over with for the 2012 season, being a baseball fan has officially become a test in patience. As you can probably glean from my writings and the ‘About’ section, I am a follower of the Nationals of Washington towne, my newly adopted hometown, and of course remain just as confused and frustrated with the why and how 2012 ended against the St Louis Cardinals. The Nats season was a cavalcade of emotions, and didn’t end quite the way many had hoped; yet, I remain humbled by the highs and lows that this round of 162+ brought me, comforted by knowing this isn’t a notion confined to Nats fandom, as the followers of 29 other teams feel the same of their home nine.

However, I found it interesting that the emotions of the season, for me, were neatly summed up in a stanza by DC area denizens, and underrated band The Dismemberment Plan.  How fortuitous.

Add to it a long winter to weather before baseball fans are hugged once again by the loving arms of Florida (or Arizona) UV rays, and our ears rattled by the smack of baseball leather becoming one in the hand of a bullpen catcher, and well, the typical morose lyrics of D-Plan just hit home a little harder:


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