How Do I Hiatus?

A wise man once said – ‘Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans’.

A wise woman once said – ‘Could you please update your blog…this is getting ridiculous’.

It’s been awhile.

The well had runneth dry in some respects. A combination of no real baseball to talk about, with the pressure of an unconventional career, and its hours taking its toll on my desire to dig deep for any nubbin’ of baseball news to be cynical or snarky about, or to have the chance to link a youtube video to, it had all gotten to me.

The more I researched, the more I prepared, the more I primed the pump for inspiration, and the more personal critique I gave myself for not giving a toss, the more molasses-like the words became, trickling out of the ends of my fingers, stopping short of paper, or computer screen. Or not trickling at all.

When those feelings started seeping into non-blogging aspects of my life, the need and the want to know how to baseball all but evaporated, like acetone on a cotton ball, and with it any semblance of a blog entry.

But the ol’ spiritual altimeter is ticking back up, and all it took was a brief visit from our patron saint, Nick Johnson:

How Do I Dadlap?

Breathtaking amounts of Dadlap to behold here, and enough to get the cobwebs of indifference knocked off the keyboard, and fingers ticklin’ the QWERTY again.

I started this blog with a simple question, and an oft injured man. I went walkabout for a moment, and lost sight of the simplicity of what I am doing here, and the question I look to answer.

A wise person said ‘you dance with who brought you’.

…and wouldn’t you know it, my dance partner had sexy feet all along.

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