You Don’t Know What You Got ‘Til It’s Gone: A HDIB? Reflection

There is so much truth to the title of this post, and while I will never be able to bring to you the full expression of this saying, I know that there are youtube videos of Pat Benatar, Debbie Gibson some old hippie chick, and a dreadlocked dude that seems to be really popular with that ladies that make every effort to do so. I won’t sully this post with embedding those attempts, but hey, if it’s your thing, Google away.

Sometimes, you have to let go, and say goodbye. Well, maybe not goodbye, perhaps more of wish those no longer with us a peaceful journey. Two of my subjects here at How Do I Baseball? have passed on to the other side, and I am not only grasping at fully comprehending the gravity of the situation, I find myself not truly acknowledging that this might be it.

We all mourn in our own ways. This, as embarrassingly pathetic, and dramatic as it is, is mine.

May you never be forgotten, Scott, and Doug – you will be forever our LOOGY Liasons.

Rad and Slaten, together forever in our minds, hearts, and my spare bedroom

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